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25 Mile Market


Ultra Local 


Become a Vendor

*A Call to Makers*

25 Mile Market wants to support all local vendors, not only small farmers.  Do you have a product that you make that would be useful in a weekly CSA box? Is your kitchen approved under the Cottage Act? Contact us today about opportunities that 25 Mile Market can create for you!

Vendor Opportunities‚Äč

25 Mile Market offers two tiers of community membership to honor inclusivity within growing communities.  25 Mile Market's mission is to provide food security within local communities, so even people with little to no experience can join this community at a low cost to fit their needs and feed their communities. 

New Growers Tier

Community is the corner stone of 25 Mile Market's vision - with the aim of providing food security in a sustainable way that promotes community connections, 25 Mile Market supports these efforts by offering access to becoming a grower.  Whether you already have a designated raised bed that you would like to grow, or are completely new to growing and would like to be a part of this rapidly growing movement, 25 Mile Market can help.  With a simple $50 buy-in, 25 Mile Market will build a 6x4 raised bed on your property and plant it for the season OR will plant and maintain your pre-existing bed.  All you have to do is maintain the planted bed with the guidance from experts in the field. With a progressive growing educational plan, you will be able to learn to grow your own food while feeding your community and your family. *In an effort to provide access to all individuals and demographics, 25 Mile Market offers 5 grants per year up to $25 to help offset the cost of the Buy-In portion*


  • 6x4 Raised bed built and planted on your property (OR your pre-existing bed fully planted and maintained by 25 Mile Market)
  • Access to partial harvest from the bed
  • Potential for income 
  • Food security for you and your community

Business Tier 

Do you have experience with growing and making?  Do you feel ready to sell your produce and goods?  25 Mile Market partners with local small farmers, market gardeners and artists to help promote your craft!  Becoming a member of 25 Mile Market means becoming a part of a community.  We are stronger in community and 25 Mile Market aims to create a locally tight-knit community to help support you in your journey! Designed with collaboration as a foundation, membership will allow you to receive and offer support with other local members.  While Membership is by application only, 25 Mile Market aims at remaining inclusive of all local growers/makers. 

Perks of Membership include:

  •  Weekly Advertising on the Box Flyer
  • You just harvest/make - 25 Mile Market does the rest!
  • Easy Cash flow
  • Monthly Work Parties 
  • Exclusive Online Support
  • Growth in the Community
  • Connection with Exclusive growing/making Online Community
  • Opportunity for "Shine Out" on 25 Mile Market's Website/Online Groups
  • Opportunity for regular advertising 

Let 25 Mile Market take your small farm to the next level!

Interested? Contact us for an Application!

We can help you achieve your dreams of selling your local goods to support your community!