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25 Mile Market


Ultra Local 



The Vision

25 Mile Market aims to create community by connecting local community members with local small farmers.  Community is the basis for health and understanding this led the creators of 25 Mile Market to seek ways to promote health - health of individuals, health of small farmers and creatives and health of the community as a whole.  Much like a garden grows, a healthy community is packed with diversity and sustainable practices allowing each plant to thrive in their own way and be their best.  Using this vision, 25 Mile Market encompasses and runs off of three main ideals: To remain

Wholesome ~ Intentional ~ Honest 

 The Mission 

| Keeping Local Sustainable |

Sustainable living is on everyone's mind these days, but with our busy lifestyles it can feel hard to think about what that even means. With busy schedules keeping often keeping us from making healthy and sustainable choices, we are often forced to take the easiest route, even if that means not making the best choices. 25 Mile Market is here to help support local farmers and creatives in their business journey, while providing ultra local goods to community members. Staying Local means Staying Sustainable and promoting sustainability for all of our vendors. Communities are stronger together and it is the mission of 25 Mile Market to act as the connecting force between local vendors and community members. 


25 Mile Market was created in 2020 amidst the  pandemic crisis.  Created by three women farmers, with lifelong connections and dreams of providing their community with the best local produce 25 Mile Market was born out of a lesson in community.  In the midst of very real life changes,  one founder became overwhelmed with  the amount of work her land required. The offers by her sister-farmers to help maintain her land and support her during this time we astounding.  Like many women of our culture of isolation and busyness, all help was declined.  When she was finally able to get outside again, she was overwhelmed with the overgrowth in her garden beds.  In exasperation, she reached out to her sister-farmers and explained she was prideful, but that she now saw the need for help.  Within days, the sister-farmers collaborated and arrived ready to work on her land.  Together the three worked one day and were able to accomplish goals beyond the expectation.  Since then, the three sister-farmers take turns on each other's land in collaboration and have helped each other learn and grow.  25 Mile Market was born in the garden beds of these sister-farmers. This connection was the creation point of wanting to provide this type of support to other local farmers, and to connect them with community members. Founded by experts in business, community and culture building, these sister-farmers have over 30 years of combined growing and making experience, three tractors and nearly 9 acres of land they work. 25 Mile Market is a true testament to the power of community - it's where it was born and where it will serve. 

Vendor Community

25 Mile Market's farmer Community offers a way for local farmers and creative makers to connect with their community by providing support and access for sales.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

CSA Stands for Community supported agriculture.  You get to support your community while you know you are getting the freshest, ultra local products 25 Mile Market can find!

When and where do I pick up my box?

Pick Up locations are provided to you with your confirmation and welcome packet!  Pick ups are on Sundays between 3pm-7:30 pm at your designated pick up spot

How do the add on's work? Can I add an item for a week or just for the whole season?

Either!  If you know you are having guests and would like the addition of a handpicked floral arrangement along with handcrafted apothecary items, you can chose just one week add on.  Or if you know you always like beautification of your home and body, choose the seasonal option!  

How do I pay?

We've made it easy for you to pay on this website through Paypal.  We are very flexible with payment arrangements so if you have concerns or questions about your payment options, please reach out to us! 

What if I can't pick up my box one week?

25 Mile Market takes your products very seriously.  We spend months growing and planning, weeks harvesting and days to put your boxes together. We understand emergencies or those one-off situations where you honestly forget.  If you are unable to pick up a box, just let us know!  By giving us 24 hours notice, you have the option of donating your box to our family-in-need program, or you can choose to receive a "Make-Up" Box on another week.  If you fail to give us at least 24 hours notice, we will automatically assume you would like to donate your box and we will be grateful for your donation!  Without 24 hours notice, we are unable to provide refunds or "Make-Up" boxes.